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6 Reasons Why People Get Spider Veins

As a vein doctor, I see patients everyday who are completely healthy, but are plagued by visible, unsightly blood vessels on their body called spider veins. They are distressed because they aren’t sure how they developed spider veins and are frustrated that researchers have not yet determined the exact cause of their condition.

Though nearly impossible to pinpoint the precise origin of spider veins, I’ve found that certain behaviors predispose people to develop the condition. Since the appearance of spider veins is often related to increased pressure in the blood vessels, activities that create increased pressure in the legs are usually to blame. Here are some of the more common explanations I’ve found in my patients:

Frequent standing. Many of my patients are nurses, waitresses, or other professionals who spend a lot of time standing up. If you have a job that always has you on your feet, you might be likely to develop spider veins. This is because your body has to work extra hard to carry blood from your legs up to your heart so when you spend a lot of time on your feet, you make it even harder for your blood vessels.

Hormonal shifts. Many times, female hormones play a role in the development of spider veins. Puberty, birth control pills, pregnancy, or hormone replacement therapy may contribute to their appearance.

Injury or constriction. Some of my patients experience spider veins after an injury or as a result of wearing tight hosiery. As spider veins are the consequence of poor blood circulation, I advise my patients to steer clear of tight girdles.

Genetics. There are some people who develop spider veins through no fault of their own. About half of all people who experience spider veins have a family member who has them as well.

Sun exposure. Too much time spent under the sun may be to blame for some cases of spider veins. High sun exposure weakens the veins close to the surface of the skin.

Weight gain. It is not uncommon to notice spider veins on the body after you’ve gained some weight. Extra weight puts added pressure on your legs, as well as the vessels that carry blood from the legs to the heart.

These six common reasons may help explain why you have developed spider veins. By limiting the activities that cause spider veins, you can attempt to prevent them from coming back after having them removed.

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–Dr. Fern