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img_2065Recently a friend brought me a lemon.   I watched the movie “Bucket List.”  And I went to a wedding.

The night before we were to leave to travel to the wedding, I was supposed to be packing.  That afternoon, I thought the weekend was starting.  But on his way home, David called to say that he would have to go back and operate that night.  So after dinner, David left, saying, “I’m just going to go in early and get this out of the way,” which for me was code for “don’t expect me until midnight.”  (He thinks he told me he would be back soon.)   While procrastinating my packing duties, I was channel surfing and came in on the middle of “The Bucket List.”  I was drawn in by how funny it was….I didn’t remember it being funny.  And ended up watching the whole movie, rather than the 20 minutes I had allotted.  I never made a bucket list…maybe I should.


Then we went to a wonderful  wedding.   Bride and groom surrounded by friends and family and lovely surroundings faced each other with love and eyes brimming with emotion.  During the ceremony, the pastor said the bride and groom had written their own vows and would say them to each other.  Both the bride and the groom were barely able to read the words they had each written in their journals.  Words like adventure and travel and of course, love and loyalty…….it was over the top.  We were all moved and a little awed.

And I got a lemon.  Well, our dear friends came for the weekend and presented us with this lemon that was larger than I had ever seen.  And they said that it was from their very own lemon tree!  We were surprised that a lemon tree would live in their area.   The reason, they said, was that it was in a pot and they actually drag it in over the winter, but it lives and then produces fruit when they take it out in the warm weather.  We were a little bit impressed.

David and I were shopping for a camellia bush recently.  Some trees between us and our neighbors have fallen, and we have a blank spot.  As we were leaving, David pointed and said, “Let’s get one of these.  They are on sale for $15.”  Knowing it looked nothing like a camellia and was a little small, I thought, “Now, why would I want that?”  But, it was a little lemon tree!   We both agreed that it might be fun to try our luck, because of our friends’ example.

Today I was potting the little plant and I caught myself saying, “Well, I can cross this one off my bucket list.”  What?!  I don’t have a bucket list.  But I remembered a dream we had.  When David and I first married,  our future was so bright and stretching out before us and we were making all kinds of pledges and promises to each other about how our lives together would be.  One of the things we said was, “And we will  have lemon trees growing outside our windows, and when we wake in the morning, we will  smell the fragrant smell of lemons.”  Along with bluebirds flying in with a little sprig from a rose bush, turtledoves cooing….well you know how newlyweds are!    I had forgotten that dream…….until I snipped the tag off that little lemon tree today.  A moment.   A memory.  Maybe you don’t have to write it down.  Maybe all those dreams and promises, like the ones we heard at the recent wedding from the bride and groom,  are a bucket list too.




Juice of two lemons

Grated rind of two lemons

1 tablespoon cornstarch

½ cup butter, melted

1 cup sugar

2 eggs, well beaten

Combine sugar and cornstarch in a large glass measuring cup or bowl  (that can go in the microwave).  Add lemon juice and melted butter.  Cook in the microwave, in one to two minute intervals, until it is clear and slightly thickened.   (This should take about 3-5 minutes.)  Slowly add, a little bit at a time, about ½ of this mixture to the beaten eggs.  Then mix all together and return to the microwave for one minute.  Whisk.  Add lemon rind.  Refrigerate until serving.  This is great with pound cake!  Or other desserts!