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While maybe not the official Webster’s  definition of celebrate, for me celebration means taking joy or thankfulness to a new level.  Actually deciding that at this time, I will plan to do something special,  because I am thankful for something or someone in my life.

I’ll admit that my premise for this CELEBRATE blog is not as noble as the title would indicate.


(Is it spring fever?)

In fact, you may think this blog is a little lame, but cut me some slack:  I’ve been suffering from writer’s block.   I don’t know if I am even allowed to suffer from that, considering the level of writing that I do.  But it kinda feels good to pretend that I am even in the ranks of those who suffer with such. “ Oh yes,  John Grisham,  I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!”image

I thought about just not posting anything this month.   Then yesterday evening I had a little lightbulb that went off over my head, like we used to see in the cartoons in the newspaper (that dates you for sure, who reads the newspaper anymore!).  The lightbulb was dim and flickering, but it was there.  Knowing this, you may want to skip directly to the recipe below.image

Here’s the not so noble truth.  I bought a bottle of champagne yesterday to CELEBRATE that David and I are still married after what we went through to get our taxes filed!  Is that a sick admission or what?   I’m just being honest!  As a doctor, he loves to spend his time caring for people, not totaling up figures in neat little columns.  Good for the patients, but hard for tax-filing season!    If it’s not taxes that got you down,  maybe it’s just a very busy week.  WHATEVER!  In the middle of life, stop and celebrate something.

Most of us usually do plan to celebrate love and friendship on birthdays and anniversaries and holidays.  But don’t limit the times you celebrate.  A raise, a phone call from friend or family, a good day at work or on the golf course or tennis court, a beautiful spring day,  your person won on American Idol, a job well done….all are cause for celebration!  But you can celebrate in the midst of hard times…..hey!  I made it through another day!  Look up!image

So April 15 is looming for us all!  For those who had bad news there, celebrate that it’s done.  For those of you who had good news from the IRS, celebrate and treat yourself!

You might CELEBRATE by getting your veins fixed!!

veins compression hose colors







We try to create reasons to celebrate and have a meal with our kids.  We have gotten in the habit of watching  American Idol each week (boo hoo!  It’s over)  with me cooking a meal.  A celebration of sorts! Each week I try to really do something special so the kids will keep coming.  I opened up my Pioneer Woman Cookbook and saw Osso Bucco.  The recipe called for 8 veal shanks.  After going to three places trying to find veal shanks (and realizing how expensive they were!), I substituted beef short ribs.  Two reasons:  upon googling recipes while standing at the meat counter, I realized that Osso Bucco just means “meat with a bone”.  So the short ribs fit that definition.  Plus, the beef short ribs were on sale and about ¼ the price of the veal shanks.


The recipe turned out to be super easy.  Just salt and pepper the meat, and brown well in butter and olive oil.

Remove meat from pan, and throw in a couple of garlic cloves and two 12 oz bottles of beer.  Let it boil for 5 minutes.   Add the meat back to the pan and dump a 28 oz can of tomatoes that you crush with your hands into the pot with the meat.  Throw in some fresh rosemary.


Cover the pot and cook for 3 to 4 hours at 350.  I checked mine at 3 hours; it was fork tender, falling off the bone, so I turned the oven down to warm and  just let it be until dinner.


 I served mine with risotto and some wilted spinach and a side of carrots.  YUM!