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MYTH #1: My doctor says there is nothing that can be done.   

TRUTH:  We see patients frequently who have been told by their doctor that their varicose veins cannot be treated or don’t need to be treated.   All doctors are not necessarily schooled in the latest vein treatment innovations.  They frequently don’t realize how easy the treatments are now.  Patients who have symptoms bad enough to affect their lifestyle or who are suffering with discomfort will benefit significantly with treatment.  Many doctors are focused on other issues and tend to dismiss varicose vein problems, thinking they are minor.  But at Vein & Skin we see the real difference that occurs in our patients’ lifestyles after they receive treatment.

MYTH #2   Ouch! Treatment will be too painful. 


TRUTH: This is one of the most common things that patients worry about. But now patients experience minimal discomfort because of the new teatment innovations.  With just a bit of topical anesthesia and only 30 minutes, we can do even the more difficult procedures.  Patients only feel a few local injections, which control the discomfort for the rest of the procedure.  There is a slight feeling of pressure from the delivery of the anesthetic solution around the vein.

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Sclerotherapy for those spider veins likewise has minimal discomfort. Today’s tiny needles cause significantly less discomfort than patients have previously experienced.  The saline injections that most patients remember are no longer used.  The new sclerotherapy agents do not cause pain upon injection.  In fact one of the newest sclerotherapy injections today (Asclera) is a local anesthetic, so some of our patients barely feel the injection treatment at all.  We are used to treating patients who have a fear of needle sticks and injections and find many ways to control their fear and discomfort during the procedure.

MYTH #3   I had my veins treated and they just came back. 

TRUTH: We do see patients who have had vein procedures previously and later developed new varicose veins.  Initially the patient feels that the previous treatment did not work, but then after examination, realizes that the treatment did work, but another vein has caused the problem.  This happens when another vein breaks and pressure causes development of the varicosities that appear, similar to the varicose veins the patient previously had.  These patients unfortunately have developed weak veins over time and these weak veins will gradually become a problem later on.  Another condition that we see with recurrent varicose veins is called neovascularity.  Patients who have had the old “vein stripping” in the hospital later develop more varicose veins related to this outdated stripping procedure.  The good news is that the source of the varicose veins can be treated successfully with another treatment.

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MYTH #4   I can’t take that much time out of my schedule.  

TRUTH:   It usually requires just one day to have the procedure; it is better to rest on that day, but it is possible to go back to light activity directly after the procedure. That being said, most patients do return to work and normal light activity the following day.  We also offer Saturday treatments so that patients are easily back to work on Monday. We recommend that patients walk around frequently the day of the procedure to insure a rapid recovery.

MYTH #5 Vein treatment is too expensive.

TRUTH:  Most of the more expensive vein treatments are covered by insurance and only require co-pays and deductibles.  By the end of the year, most of deductibles have already been met, so the only payment required is the co-pay, which is rather inexpensive.  Many patients only require sclerotherapy treatments, which cost $250/session.  The cost of the procedure is well worth the benefits.

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MYTH #6: My mother (aunt, grandmother) had that vein stripping surgery. 

The implication being “and I don’t want that experience.”

TRUTH   Varicose vein “stripping surgery” which required a hospital stay and weeks of recovery is no longer the standard of treatment.  Treatment is now a 30 minute procedure performed in the doctor’s office.  It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure with a very minimal recovery time.